Progress Report - Almost a Beta

What does a brand new UI, a spiffy start menu and three dungeon levels full of monster do together? They're presenting the latest One Way Dungeon build.

Try it out HERE. Do it! NOW! (Please.)

Not yet a Beta

One Way Dungeon is looking better every week. But two element are still missing for it to be what I'd consider a Beta:

  1. I want to add some lore and context to the game's action. I still have to finish some UI components to house it. And write it up.
  2. Music and sound effects. Right now, all the action seems a little "muted" (pun intended). I'm working od adding a auditive dimension to the game.

The road to release

I feel I already have (gameplay-wise) a solid foundation to launch the game to the world.

After reaching the "Beta status" I'll work on publishing it to Google Play and adding monetization via ads. I don't know how hard this will be, but I expect to have it ready by mid April.

I'll also add at lease three more levels, with their own set of new monsters and moves. Creating these new elements should be rather quick. But the real challenge will be balancing it all. And that's where I'll need your help, wink wink.

Next Steps

  • Lore components in the game.
  • Background music
  • Some sound effects

See you then :)